Sweet Talk

Its only when you realize that real sweetness is offered at the moments when the heart is fond of banter that uplifts the souls of others. Sweet talk, this classic allurement is such a precious gift we have the luxury to express. More often than not these cherished melody of words when released from mind to speech results to endearing smiles, a helpful glow of enthusiasm towards wanting ears, or simply chimes out pleasant endearment tones. The symphony of Sweet talk is also a very formidable, creative, and a relevant asset to self-esteem of those who embrace these words as truth. Sweet pleasant words exchanged in sincerity is the the most greatest treasure of communication that  also supports a healthy continuous relationship with others to flourish,especially with romantic partners. However, the “dark side” calls for the debilitated pollution of this otherwise beneficial configuration of words. With tenderness and care simple sweet words can be masked by alternative motives and deeply wounding self serving acts.

With this dual composition of sweet talk from pure intent to masked manipulation one must ask, “How does one tell the difference?” In order to determine the genuineness of a word given one must simply embrace kind words in and of itself, because words have no power unless triggered by actions. Words activate actions. The power of sound allows words to emit a fermented cause to the formation of intent. For some sweet talk is sent forth for a pure charitable motive, which is very delightful for both the sender and receiver to bask in.Yet, these sweet words can also be released for self-serving purposes, or with hidden motives to deceive because they are not the genuine opinion of those who deliver such amiable words.Hence from Words proceeds action, which should then generate watchfulness and, delegate examination of intent.So embrace sweet talk these words can be most valuable to developmental health welther known to be legitimate or not, yet receivers of these delightful dance of words must be very observant of actions that proceed from such a tender trance of words, indefinitely.

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