Awakening Red

The long season of wonder meets the minds of some with sincere thoughts of recollection of the past. As fair travelers of earth we recall the the past which, allows for the present day to boldly unfold the choices of yesterday. If only for a moment we can allow our seasoned experiences to facilitate in molding our character for the better, and not for the worst. For the call to be swallowed up by the past can be influential enough that it can generate a submissive response that often paralyzes progress.There is no harm to our well-being as long as we don’t live captive by the past that no longer exists. Yet, to reflect on the past can be beneficial to understanding the present. In a sense there is hidden wisdom or in fact knowledge gained by our past experiences that even if they are a collection of negative experiences they can ferment into the most informative pieces for us as a human species, which enables us to further our development as earth “travelers”.

The constant recall of the past is necessary for success not only to heighten personal development, but for the successful advancement  for a society as well. The truth of devastating loss and the remembrance of causes and effects of terror or misfortune is so important to be able to understand to guard oneself and ones culture against the fiery indulgence of tragic repetition. What we define in a cannon called history is what takes root in us as we become strains of a vast network of a collective whole. Our past defined as our personal history, the history of us(humanity), the history of the rise and fall of nations. Earths song sings of empires, wars, religious secs, of ancient relics of cultures diluted or diminished in the extensive story of human history.Then set apart from our collective narrative of human history what always remains is our individual cache or departmentalized imprint of our past personal behaviors and choices. We then remain a reflection of our choices, from life to death.This reflection can bring pain, pain of the past that is so great that the memory becomes crippling. Hence, then without hope of a better day sadly some loose the grasp of their earthy life. These tragic cases are indeed unfortunate and telling of how difficult experiences can be which can simply either pollute your character or strengthen it all by mere choice and by the act of the will.

In reference to human will, it will be good to keep history as it is, a teacher. A teacher with lessons of how to properly conduct ourselves as productive human beings on this vast planet. To embrace the knowledge of the past that history delicately holds for us as a gift. hence, the promotion of Knowledge is to impart  acceptance of a predefined existence. This is the truth of relevant recourse to history should be our courageous attempt as a human species to grasp at the meaning for ourselves and for our societies in which we live.

In the remembrance of the tortuous lucrative advancement of oppression its downfall always remains emanate.No fate is certain than the fall of those who oppress others by tyranny and deceit. The realization that we must awaken the call to resist tyranny and accept the call to promote liberty with the aspiration to preserve individual value and freedom is of the utmost importance to retain a successful environment of ourselves and our society. Sadly, the rise of socialistic and fascists manifestos throughout history crushes the will of the people, and admittedly yet also strategically seeks to silence any form of resistance.However, rising above political rhetoric and proclaiming the value in protecting individual freedoms with limited governmental oversight is a valuable quest in maintaining a true just society. To be apart of a collective human species does not mean in turn to create a collective human domination by powers that desire to restrict human the rights of others to live free.We all must seek to capture the essence of what is to be human and to spread love not hate in order to perpetuate true justice.Let history then teach us the fruitfulness of compassion, the stability of just laws, and the true liberty of prevailing justice.

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