How to Live and Give


Hello, world I came forth with a cry and I hope very much so that I don’t leave in a pool tears, but bountifully filled with memorable years of  love and joyful smiles.

Life can be a challenge to understand, but a journey that’s meaningful and monumentally significant. Mainly because this significance stems from the notion that there can only be one you. The uniqueness of the human person to blossom, live, and then to fade away is all apart of our collective journey of life, yet slightly separate from our exclusive purpose.

Perhaps many of us have spent much time pondering what exactly our purpose is for living. Currently, the most meaningful aspect of one’s purpose can be found in the essence of our talents. What we give to the world and offer to the collective whole of humanity makes life a relevant companion to giving. Therefore to “Live to Give” is a plausible meaningful activity that never returns void.

Hence, who I am is what I aspire to be. My life is to give in love and hope others will appreciate the artistic pieces created on the this blog with the frolic play of the written word. This blog a most precious palate that is useful and beneficial to sharing a gift, a talent, a muse. Embracing this form of Artistic expression fashioned on a platform equipped into the digital age offers a worthwhile adventure. Looking forward to enjoying this journey of  self-expression and commons exchange.

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