Dream Reader Reads Posts

Dreams crafted to be apart of that overwhelming illusion that can spark pure delight or generate frightful nightmares. Dreams stimulate my mind continuously as it drifts to envision pleasurable fantasies of hope for a better day and a brighter future.

My Dear Dream Reader, I hope you do read and not only read the letters that compose words, but enjoy and take delight in them. For my sincere hope is that by reading the Art Muse one may glide in a thoughtful escapade of meaningful pleasure as words present themselves.Dream Reader you are unique the most captivating being that ever existed not merely because of your appearance to exist but, for your blazing sparkle of human dignity. The human kind that enjoys deep meaningful discourse searching beyond the stars nestled in the venue of the intellect. Watch as words come to life in a descriptive blows as it flows from the manipulated words of my poetry pot.Enjoy relax and take in the sweet aroma of my words as art takes flight to your senses.

Those who enjoy Artful decorative pieces, especially those who enjoy all forms of the arts will appreciate Art Muse and the pieces to contemplate.Art Muse presents more than meaningless words that are flat among themselves, but words that rise together in a composed symphony of hidden or clear meaning that arouses appreciation for the art of writing and of poetry.If only one person enjoys all will be well with me to be able to transcend the love and beauty words can bring. A smile, a thought, an accidentally click are all appreciated muses. My hope is that others will enjoy reading Art Muse and take an interest in my writing pieces.

As a dreamer that dreams my goal is to bring readers also under the cloud of discouragement to the streams of encouragement to aspire towards a brighter day positively.Reflecting on this life, what a great adventure.So all who enjoy spontaneous combustion of self expressive Art, come join me on the journey of the deep full like seas of my simple Artful Muse.

3 thoughts on “Dream Reader Reads Posts

  1. I have definitely be inspired by what you had to say. This piece of writing was so well written and encouraging to live like nothing can hold me down. You my friend have a way with words. That first few lines is so stark and deep. I have read of your posts so far, can’t wait to read more! If you get a chance, please check out my blog as well! – Someone who is a dreamer, and happy to be one.


    1. Thank you very much Ummesalmah for your encouraging comments and compliments.Very glad you’ve been inspired and encouraged by my writing pieces as well. I look forward to reading and following your own blog in return too.So lets keep dreaming,take action towards our passion,and Never Give Up 😉

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  2. This is a beautiful dream. Surely it will tickle your muse.

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