The Rewards of Doing

Passion occurs in the heart as it journeys into its pilgrimage to its outer expression through deeds.

Clinching to life the essence of being human, a flood of innocence pleads for existence to be present in the time of its active annihilation.


The cause of a few is the bounty of the rich. The true course exceeds the real destination of our overall, existence. Fallen states pollute the mind to a discourse of destruction, that leaves the oppressed to plead for renewal.

Cleverly the truth rings true and is tangibly attained through the efforts of our forgotten time. Yet, our deliverance and seasonal changes occur in spite to recourse to doubt.

The rewards for a brighter day and a more prosperous future, are the cause of a dual. The perpetual help remains as the existence of purification prevails as genuine repentance lingers.©

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