Justice vs. Tyranny

In the a land once free and beautiful, tyranny persists to unravel the republic of the land with deceit and cruelty. Debbie reflects with Justice by her side the terror of watching all liberty abandoned in the land for acceptance of collective oppressive regime by its subjects. With tear filled eyes Debbie slips into a brief moment of despair. Outside in the cold filled air with justice by her side Debbie’s drops to her knees suddenly. Swiftly Justice catches her weakened body to the ground. With deep concern Justice attempts to console Debbie in her sullen state f brokenness.

Debbie-Oh why must we be fools? It’s plain to see this is the end of everything we know as the land of the free.(Debbie sobs)

Justice- Yes, but we must fight on and live to reject this tyranny!

Debbie- Aaagh..all seems lost in this fight we carry on. We are losing can’t you see? So much time has passed how can we regain our freedom.(With trembling speech trembling Debbie wipes her tear filled eyes with her arm)

Justice- With wit and determination. We must never give up! We must fight on to reclaim our liberty.(Justice proclaims cheerfully)

Holding Debbie close Justice embraces her with tenderness.

Debbie- (whispers) I know.

Written By: Naomi-Simone

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