The Art of a Call

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Living in a digital technological age offers to the masses a wonderful new convenience. Being able to access one another via cell phone anytime anywhere mostly in the world is a revolutionary alteration in the way we communicate as human beings.Fortunately, a mobile phone also provides a beneficial source of keeping connected to others in real time quickly  providing a new innovative convenience that wouldn’t be possible decades ago before this phenomenal invention.

Yet, although mobile phones do provide flexibility and heightened communication with others there is often the pull to become consumed by our mobile phone usage. Sometimes in many cases our mobile usage occurs at crucial times when we must be the most alert and aware of our surroundings. Unfortunately, many times the lack of awareness is forsaken by our consuming attention on our mobile phones can result in putting our personal safety and that of others at risk.

The cartoon above entitled, Pay Attention is a humorous depiction of our growing obsession with technology and our sometimes lack of awareness of our surroundings as well as a plea to encourage other including myself to pay attention to our surroundings.Perhaps we’ve experienced both sides of this daunting tale of attention grabbing. Yet, in reflection it is no laughing matter in recognizing the severity of not paying attention to our surroundings which can put ourselves and others at risk of harm.

So please do pay attention.Don’t risk being caught in a dangerous situation of acquiring bodily harm because the call is just too good or too important to you to wait until your done completely crucial life-threatening tasks that really need your attention.

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