Loves Heart Beat


Empty words are those that hate conceives.

Wallowing in cruelty the heart cries.

Suttle thoughts of kindness emerge yet, are quickly crushed by indifference.

Each season is ripe for renewal and growth.

Days seem to stretch in agony as hearts settle in remorse.

More sullen are those who practice hate. For hate crushes the soul and encaptures the mind to see through the lens of confusion.

Yet, many brave souls climb from the shadows of hate to emerge on the side of Love.

With love, the soul becomes alive willingly serving to preserve humanity.

Love then swiftly carries hearts to warmth and delight. A bountiful gift of contentment is born settling on the threshold of compassion.

In contrast, cold hearts gloom in peace and dread harmony.

What then should cold hearts do? Fall away in fall, keep warm in the winter, melt in the spring, and sizzle in the summer, with love.

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