Like Rooms

Every morning the days sunlight brings the remembrance of a day so pure and without spot. Even the clouds show there remorse of days clean and white with and without blemish.

What then do we call for? Happiness and lots of it. Yet, at times the days tolls generate its fury blowing us away into the deep rooms of ourselves.

What are in those rooms of ourselves? The truths we speak to ourselves and the beliefs we harbor. Those rooms some are empty, some are full. Gentle souls reflect the subtle aspects that slip their grasp of understanding. Many fail to see each room relevance at all.

Yet, each of those Rooms remain deep in our inner soul. Deep thoughts stream for us ponder there. So many thoughts travel to the surface with triumph they perpetuate towards our outward actions casually.

So many rooms within carry junk of disguised trash that without proper disposal stores to unhealthy conditions that result in clutter filled appearances. No one can enter. No one can properly maneuver around all the disorganized assets of meaningless collection.

Yet, we all have a duty to filter these rooms with careful observation, with care, and responsible diligence. Our will to thrive in its privilege must decorates strategically what we think ourselves to be.Planning placement of our own consumption at our own convenience. Each room taking on the inner appearance of ourselves.

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