The Dual

Photo By Jason Kocheran
Photo By Jason Kocheran

The role of the heart can be a turbulent dual of course.Yet, some still seek to build bridges to where the heart bleeds.

The destiny of all that escape existence discovers a detour to a  premature undeveloped gleam of hope abandoned.

Stability is defined by the role of the crescent admiration of those who surround others with reason.So then with eradication passion wanes and the fallen forsake imagination as a foolish childish muse.

Why then do we persuade each other to folly?

The catch is in the deceptive treatment of ourselves and those around us.

Steady streams of impurity collide in the soul and heart of those who carry a wicked tune.

Yet, it is love that defines us to a higher place of substance.

That seeking wind blows and carries us into a vast pool of the abyss like fine lines of symmetry we reach a glance of our collective selves.

If the weary reach that point of consciousness where unity remains and abide in the very essence of the divine we will perpetuate into the gliding streams of love eternal.

All those who falter in disbelief will rely on those who reach the peak of purity.©

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