How beautiful is our own human imagination, which is the key to unlocking our dreams. Some are unaware of the creative power that we all possess through our own human imagination. Our divine imprint for creativity does not stop at the molding of our hands but, it is the labor that is often conducted in our minds that shape our reality.

If you gaze around at objects round about you to the very clothes you wear you will undoubtedly be exposed to with your senses the viable conception of someone’s imagination that in time birthed itself into reality. So it is with confidence one can say Imaginary acts do become facts. It is true then our imagination is a creative springboard that resonates within our human conscious minds that returns to us in its likeness of our visions sent. This is the vehicle to which we travel to manifest what we omit good or bad into our reality.

Take time to relax into your imagination on good and lovely things throughout the day and especially before sleep.

If you do this and you see this work for you, you will know that “Imaginary acts do become facts” and believe in the creative gift and power of our own human imagination given to us by our Creator. This I know to be true.

How might we also combat dreadful thoughts of defeat in reaching our visions or dreams?

This is where happiness combats sadness. Shift your thinking and your feelings will follow.

Feeling discouraged? Shift out that stinking thinking. Shift your thoughts. Imagine with all your senses involved on something that brings you joy and good reports. Shift your feelings with refocusing your thoughts so that you can transcend out of your disturbed state.

Test and see for yourself. This truth will not come back void to you.

Peace and Blessings.

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