The It’s

7542-an-abstract-chess-board-scene-pvIIIt’s Interesting how life captures your heart and takes you on a journey to the underworld.And what is this underworld?The shadows of truth beyond what we see. For we all are but shadows.

It’s easy to entertain nonsense unknowingly the witty sense reacts while the still tongue retracts.Existing in the presence of clowns. How lovely is the act of fools…

It’s easy to find peace when there is no peace from that shining light from within. That beacon of hope from that spark of pure delight in the kindness of the human heart.

It’s lovely to be beings living in a fantasy in the night and in the day.

It’s all but a dream this life. A very endearing dream life can be as all but a pool of experiences we live basking in the rays of imaginal beauty.

It’s not what was but what is that matters. And what truly exists is whatever we create now.This present moment is the factor of reward. the faint night lingers the mind whispers to it’s lover, “feeling is the secret.”

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  1. helo I lik art


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