The Wonder Wall

Every season takes its course traveling down the gift of fall.

The wondrous seasons Bloom each giving and taking in its own demand.

Each classic tale rejoices in to each their own delight the sound whispers in the evenings flight.

Passing sun in depths doesth tho’ go away from your glorious luminosity into the deep dark still night of your travel pause.

Each day takes its own lover. Each time it opens her womb for more.

Time stops for no one in the dance of time we bloom.

Idle hearts rejoice in thanksgiving for the day. How beautiful is he tone of love of thanks in he merry bliss of smiles.

Sudden all become like the wind in state of a well tuned musical tone.In sync and linked to the order of the moon.

Bountiful days await those who carry on in the celestial dance of beyond the sea the order of the day our hearts will see.

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