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In 1988, a film called, “They Live” was released.In the film the main character Nada played by, Roddy Pipper discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to see that foreign alien entities have secretly taken over the earth.

The film, They Live is a work of fiction but the reality of its themes have reemerged in modern times in a surprisingly blatantly open way.Is this presence of Obey attire suggesting aliens do in fact live among us now as the film, They Live describes? Probably not, but propaganda sure does.

Within the story-line of the film all major forms of marketing to the populous display a secretly hidden message that aims to program the subconscious minds of the masses by using a simple word, Obey. Unknowingly, people were traveling about not knowing or seeing this direct command to them to submit. Walking among them also are strategically hidden alien beings oppressing and dominating the people. With the masses in a repressive trance to their domination the aliens continually to operate secretly suppressing any awakening of their evasion. That’s until Nada (Roddy Pipper) discovered those mysterious dark black sunglasses, put them on, and saw the truth.Hence, only with the glasses on can Nada clearly see the masked invasion of alien creatures and the hidden bombardment of stealth propaganda messages to, Obey all around him.

Now in reflection of this fictional yet, very telling story-line of the film, They Live there is a valuable sentiment to take from it.And that message is, Waking Up to the truth about the world around us and the corrupt systems meant to oppress humanities awareness and progress. People all around the world need to put those sunglasses on. Putting those dark black sunglasses on can be a viewed as a  metaphor for expanding our awareness, researching what’s happening, and admitting their is a global elite establishing a form of planetary tyranny.This is the best time ever to promote liberty and freedom everywhere. Its time for humanity to move in a productive positive way and break the chains of slavery.

The Mind Unleashed-When you Wake Up [Video Clip]



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