Classic Tales of Oblivion

When we were together we united in a stylish fashion so profound.

Each day of ours was the image of our delightful muse.We dwelt in our own wonderful creative imagination our hearts were happy and fused.

There, just behind the seas we laughed with childish ambition.Cheerfully, we held hands towards the date of our destiny.

You were the King and I was the Queen. We ruled our reason and we conquered our unpleasant thoughts.

Then the dark days came. We saw something new, something old. We hustled about and clothed ourselves in the dark spaces of our intellect. We nestled and refused to return to those days we sailed the seas of our ingenuity.

We lost our momentum for imaginary our prolific pretend play we abandoned.

Then as time captured our attention, we lived shamefully in the abyss of dread.Until…

One sweet day I saw you once again. We discovered each other under the moon. How wonderful. I grasped you in my arms and we held each other close then.In our pleasurable embrace I vowed to never let you go again.

Such a delight it is now that we have each other close with reason set free to depart.So now we cling to our vision of life, of love, of art.




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