Daily Dose of Truth

Nothing is as it seems in this world, at least that’s what most people are coming to realize. Truth in the most subtle form is revealing often exposing a lie for what it is. For many in a partitive aspiration to find meaning, thought provoking activity ensues in pursuit to discover truth.

Some search for truth in guru’s, teachers, and  self-help books. Even so the journey to find truth often leaves people riddled in mantras for several hours with a sour mouth and drained brain. So what then do we do to find truth?

Truth can be discovered.  Knowledge, then surfaces from that core center of truth not in a objectionable way but, in measurable subjective realization from that direct source of truth of our Creator.

Then also to be educated takes a new form. Embracing Education that goes beyond reiterating memorized  information but rather at its core accepts true education that ensembles knowledge from the source within and reverberates that outward onto this physical plane. Knowledge then solidifies itself as a valued possession from its core root from hidden truth’s nestled within ourselves.

Connection to our Creator as God’s creatures occurs with profound syncretism. It seems a form of collective consciousness is growing and its influence springs a new era of awareness where truth is consistently exposed and information that allows knowledge to increase continues to occur in drastic sudden ways world wide.

Its through this collective sense in conjunction with the emergence of a form of collected consciousness among humanity that a more unified knowledge and understanding continues to spread offering a more stabilized existence.

The world then is changing whether one believes that or not.Humanity is in transition from its docile dependence on objective authority to a deeper underling understanding of the divine power within. This power of our own wonderful human imagination that at  its inception rooted in Love makes everything grow. The key to maintain a productive healthier life is to fully know oneself as a valuable extension of a imaginative act spewed through consciousness.

It is through this divine power of creativity that we can transform our world in to what we desire it to be. We can imagine more and do more by transfiguring our perceptions of our reality.

In time the only grass roots left will be those embedded in truth.

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