Talking to Self


It is often easier to hear the voice of others than to pay any attention to the still small voice within ourselves. Often it is our inner self talk that ultimately guides our thoughts either towards a peaceful existence or enveloped in turbulent destructive patterns.

If we are to observe the relevance of our thoughts and what guides them we must look within ourselves and unite our consciousness with our own wonderful human imagination.

It is through our own wonderful human imagination that we can create a drama fit for disaster or a spectacular productive play of our wish-fulfilled.

Our inner self thought has the wheel of what turns our attention either from what we really want to that of what we think as an impossible possession. How do we combat such a dual pattern? That would be the practice of  moderating our inner self talk.

By moderating our inner self talk we can direct the play of our reality. We can transform what we inevitably see manifest onto the physical plane of our lives by using our imagination to project into our thinking a preferred state of existence.

By guiding our thoughts towards the assumption of our wish-fulfilled and then in turn utilizing our own wonderful human imagination  in possession of that desire we can begin to attract what we prefer into our reality.

It is no easy task to consistently moderator our inner self talk. It takes practice and constant observance of our thoughts to remain faithful to the assumption in which we’ve birthed into existence. However, if we remain diligent in the discipline of moderating our inner self talk we can more easily develop an invisible filter that automatically extracts what we desire in conjunction with the absolute feeling and belief of having our wish-fulfilled obtained.

Inner self talk can brew unwanted thoughts that spark our creative imagination to what we dread to occur rather what we prefer to. In turn to this negative self talk activity it is inevitable that a manifestation of unfavorable results. Beyond positive thinking if one does not believe and feel as though they are already what they desire to be or have what they already desire to be in possession of then mere positive thinking becomes null and void. Rather, it is through such a practice of awareness of our inner self talk nurtures a confidence in our assumption of our wish-fulfilled enables us to maintain a happy and productive lifestyle.

When and if we unite our consciousness to our wish-fulfilled through our own wonderful human imagination we can began to live a life with more substance relevance to of what we desire for ourselves and desire to see manifest visibly into our realm of physical existence.

At last we’ve found our way into our mind’s eye to that threshold of faith. On the wings of imagination we fly our thoughts tarring along bathing in the assumption of all our inner desires realized.In he words of the the great English poet, imagination is generates the fundamental root of our word made visible, 

What is now proved was once only imagined-William Blake 

Think free and Dwell in the End of your wish-fulfilled.



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