Father & I


Before I came to be you were. Under the shining sun you grew. In those youthful aspirations you became a man ready to embrace life in all its full.

Your love within gentle sweet,with a hardworking brow.

In that day I was born your love continued spending time with me.

Day by day you catered to my protection.

My hand in yours you called me a princess, words I will never forget.

In those corrective seasons of life my frustration flustered me but, you remained a furious faithful guide wanting me to win.

In you I saw strength. Strength I will always emulate. Your witty intellectual banter still lingers in my wanting ears.

We labored together for days as your breaths became faint and your body became cold.

The day the sunset came to take you past my sight my hope remained strong that we would be together again one day.

In times I laugh, smile, and cry  with wonderful memories of just my father and I.

Yet, love between our souls is strong undying  and so true.When I want you close to me you are. With us there is no end.©







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