Fruitful Images

“What is Now proved was once only Imagined.” -William Blake 

Imaginary acts aren’t activity for child’s play. For it is through our own imaginary acts that we create our world and our visible content of our experience in this life. If you doubt this take time to look about you where you are. Imagination is proven.

When gazing upon the world around us we see beauty and we can also see the remnant of destruction. Yet, all these views of the world around us share a common thread a root and birth place within our imaginary acts.

The world bears then the fruit of imagination. This whole vast world  displays the imprint of its divine make up has its stems from what was once imagined. In continuation then, every crucially crafted core thread of our existence is conceived through and by our own wonderful human imagination. Therefore, at the threshold of mental visions with our beliefs and feelings intertwined we can create reality that is projects onto the physical plane of our existence.

Hence,with our power to imagine we can then use our imaginary acts for good or for bad. The best encouragement is for you to use it for good and compassionate use.However, it is our choice to choose which state we prefer to dwell in the longevity of Love or the temporary chaos of hate. With love everything grows and secures sustainable productivity. Yet, hate is destructive and with curses only breed distasteful desolation.

The power we have as human beings is extrondinary. We all as a human species posses a divine imprint for creativity that can ultimately manipulate the conditions of our reality.


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