Meditation and Healing

If you are carrying worries, unresolved issues, anger, hatred or other negative, low vibrational emotions, the result can lead to the development of a state of stress.

Stress biologically creates chemicals in your body that are actually useful to respond to stressful situations in a natural environment. During stress the immune system is turned off momentarily to allow more blood flow to muscles and other parts of the body needed to run or defend ourselves.

In our modern day lifestyle, this is not always a desirable response and many people do not respond well to the chemicals released during stress. The result is that the stress keeps on lingering, eventually turning into discomfort and disease.

Guided meditation is designed to release the stress and create feelings of higher vibrating emotions such as appreciation, relaxation, gratitude and love.

The subconscious mind is unable to discern between reality and imagination, this is a specialty of the conscious mind. Therefore as we meditate into a relaxed state our subconscious mind perceives these continual positive feelings as real and this will assist you to change your mood to a happy and relaxed mindset.

Hence, by remaining in a state of happiness and relaxation can result in improved inner peace and enhance an optimally functioning immune system and therefore enhance our body’s healing ability.

Click to start playing the meditationBreathing Anchor Meditation

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