Fantasy Beyond the Grim Grillage

Morning struck its flimsy tale bringing with it fresh anticipation to start one’s day. Phantom clouds float briskly against the gray shield above. With each savoring moment the air runs still through the day’s optical illusion. Grenn opens her eyes to the tragedy in her mind. Laying still, though in distress, she rises to sit up with subtle determination.

“How can I be free?” Grenn asks herself softly whispering in the room.

Three knocks thunder into her closed bedroom door. Grenn’s body rattles in shock with each unexpected knock. She shivers with fear. No one should be here but me. Home alone in her own mind she wonders about the unknown knocks with dreadful fear.

“Who…Who is it!?” She shouts with her voice trembling.


Grenn asks three more times and hears nothing but, silence. She rises slowly from her place of rest and cautiously walks towards her closed bedroom door. As she raises her hands to reach for her bedroom door knob. She stops and pulls back her hand hastily. Standing with her eyes glued to her bedroom door she swiftly hears, a soft still voice speaking to her. Grenn suddenly closes her eyes her body still grappling with fear.

“What do you see?” 

“I don’t…I don’t know” she whispers quietly. “Darkness…I see…nothing but darkness.”

Enraptured into a mesmerizing trance Grenn stands in her room silently, her body swaying slowly with her mouth shut and ears open to listen. The gentle soft voice chimes in again with another firm question,

“Are you looking with your eyes or through them?”

Grenn dwells in a pregnant pause. Then with the boredom of her looking glass of darkness all at once she envisions the most beautiful a garden with colorful blooming flowers embedded throughout the lush green grass round about her. The view is so delightful she imagines even the smell of the fresh green grass and the sensuous scent of the flowers fleeing into her nostrils. Grenn’s heart fills with overwhelming joy as she stand in the midst of such a dazzling garden. While being consumed by her vision,she bends with glee  and gently touches the floor, which has become no longer a floor but fertile ground that blooms the most majestic looking flowers that her fingers now begin to graze upon. Lost in her dream, she smiles.

With steady assertion the gentle voice enters her ears again and said,“Now you are, free.”

Opening her eyes Grenn sees her wooden bedroom door still firmly in front of her. Grenn then with abrupt courage opens her bedroom anxiously. Swings the door open her eyes pierce forward ready to greet whatever or whoever is behind it. To her shock her eyes widen as her eyes meet with nothing but the hallway. She slips her head out slowly peaking about everywhere she walks out of her room. Grenn’s heart being to fill with unexpected glee. Silently she whispers against the air, “It’s all Perceptions glare.”

The sun glistens across Grenn’s face. Her eyes open once more, this time the feeling of entrapment looms within her body. Mornings light shines into her room illuminating her room and still body. She lays in shock and awe on her bed. Her mind once again simmers in the tragic play she so often sees by day. Yet, this time feel different something has changed within her. Remembering her dream Grenn shatters those thoughts and repeats to herself,

“Now I am free. For now I look through the eyes and not with it. My perception is cleansed onto a blank canvas today.”

Smiling Grenn arises from her sleep with joy imaging and feeling her life the way she prefers.




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