Suddenly, it occurred that life is just a dream and thoughts are just a fairy tale written as a muse of the mind.

The darkness flees our wary way when the light shines on our path through more pleasurable exchanges.

Even then we see the earth as it is bare. Bright shiny objects projected through our souls basking with the spirit littered with ambition.

Time has no forecast in the moment of, Now. Seasons use the light of images that illuminates our mind’s eye.

Soft whispers cascade in the wind steadily with the heart. Soon energy  radiates loud while cruising through the midst of shadows returning back its own kind.

The sour jests we cling and remind us of better days.Yet, nights are days and days are nights for some who listen to fools.

If only we could last beyond the stars we’d see the all of us. Hidden truths remain nestled in our being. Friction we endure in us with body blows agendas rich in abandon. Yet, we thrive.

Hearts of all sorts nestled into one with our desires looming in our thoughts.

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