The Looking Glass

The world as a looking glass is so casually fixated on the woes of man. Yet, in the stillness of the day reality brings new light that encounters a more subtle approach to the dawn of a new beginning.

What then shall we call this new resistance to the truth?

It is ever more clear that a mirror is needed in the cases of fault but rather and even more so we should claim victory over ourselves as conquerors of a great and humble muse.

If seeing light during the day is a call to unity then we shall take arms towards love, prosperity, and human wellness. However, a resistance looms simmering in misconceptions that promote hatred in the hearts of man.In secret, these vipers organize to rally all human beings to surrender to the dark cruel world they create.

Yet, it is justice that rules in her dependant stance against the plague of indifference and folly of all that resurrect the satisfaction of their vices.

Eager hearts are not just waiting in the wings we are the force the powerful force of the divine clinging towards our own unique experiences and uniting our cause together as one species.

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