Elixir-Daily Prompt 

Love the highest emission of all its quick not to fail, it’s potent potion is strong and true.

Two lovers see the story so clear as they gaze upon the appearance of their desires. Naked they are in a never ending cycle of experience.

With a passionate embrace, the two lovers unite into a blissful interlude.

“You really want to know how I feel about you?” the one whispers into the ear of the other.

“Yessss…” the other answers in delight yet, a sweeping mystery shrouds over the question as a silent pause settles between them.

As their feelings unite they stop to glare in each other eyes. It was there in each other’s eyes they saw each other’s majestic reflection.

As the day drew closer they continued to hold each other in wonder and with awe. The pleasure of their destined interaction infuses their bones and hearts with pleasure…

Source: Elixir

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