Finite Causes

All is well in the world where diverse beings come to unite. The Finite to the infinite.

This whole vast world is but a shadow of what there is in the unseen realm. Things rotate and take form but the air takes shape to what ever it is contained by. So then let us take heart in knowing that below the surface there is truth to be known to be discovered. An inner truth that is already there in the seed beds of our own awareness.

Below the endless plane, there is nothing to fear but only circumstances to embrace. The ever present unfolding of the truth of information the exploration is key to unfolding glory. It is then when the truth emerges from the shadows that growth occurs deep within the human soul allowing room to prosper even under tyranny.

Justice prevails when it is continuously fed with purity and notices all the bountiful pleasure of balancing deeds.

Destiny awaits us all in the hallways of our inner chambers in the bosom of Now.

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