Rising Above Adversity

How To Overcome  Self Doubt:

It’s easy to allow one’s thoughts to consume the mind with doubts about a particular pursuit. All it takes is a very vivid imagination, repetitive powerful thought forms, and a stream of intense feelings associated with enacted scenes that facilitate the creation of our unwanted play of self-defeat. In fact, days can be spent wallowing in sorrow over the casualties of past failures and the loss we’ve experienced along the way. So, How can we overcome this pit of despair and hopelessness?

belief-has-the-power-to-change-your-inner-state-and-your-outer-worldThe key to unlocking these vicious cycles of self-defeat can be summed up in one word, Belief. It is the gateway of a pure unadulterated belief that our circumstances begin to transform as we rise above self-doubt by faithfully maintaining a perception of an attainable victory. This pursuit of clarity goes beyond optimism in so much that our assumption of ourselves includes being completely one with the very essence of who we are or claim to be right here right now.

However, deep pain can be settled into one’s soul perhaps from past failures and loss. Pain and sadness are understandable feelings to have after experiencing a setback, loss, or mistreatment. Sadness has the ability to fester in our hearts until it becomes the spring board to beliefs that cause self-doubt to prosper within. So, with this pain, many just simply decide to stop dreaming of the fulfillment of their desires many times this is due to perhaps circumstances that continue to deny their claims.

More often than not it is evident obstacles, barriers, and difficulties that can dwindle our confidence of the belief in the fulfillment of our desires. Hence, our Unbelief can germinate into our thoughts becoming bedfellows with self-doubt until the conception of lack is later born into our experience. Yet, if we recognize that our pain, thoughts, and feelings can be redirected into an experience preferred now then we may very well be on the path to overcoming ourselves. Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way.



The power of release is the most effective step towards moving forward from the past especially if that includes defeat. The sorrow we experience must be confronted it must be felt in and of itself and simply not dismissed or suppressed. You must cry you must let your heart throb. Feel it without attaching thought forms to your pain. When this act of confrontation with one’s emotions is accomplished the process of pure release can occur. Breathe in and out and allow yourself to put whatever past failures you’ve experienced behind you. Now you can embrace your present moments. Here is something to think about if you’re traveling through this process…

Where are you now? Now is all that matters. The past is gone, the future does not exist yet only established by what you are thinking, feeling, and doing right here right now. All that exists is now.

You may find comfort that the worst is behind you that when you feel into your present moment you gradually come into your creative power which empowers you to begin again as you totally immerse yourself in the now of time.

nowAs travelers through this experience, we can then imagine as we did with our mental scenes of destructive self-doubt an alternative enactment. In this reenactment, however, we take a central role in experiencing our desires fulfilled with our senses giving it the very tone of reality. Emmit the details of the fulfillment of the desire and just exist there in the outcome of your wish fulfilled.

Don’t just watch these glorious scenes of victory visualizations become a part of the scene experiencing your desire with all your senses as if it were true right here right now. Then after living in this most powerful vibrating play simply return to your current physical state and watch the often unseen divine reshuffling occur into your experience.

Once the blockage of unbelief is released the realization of desires can begin to flourish within our daily lives and enable us to overcome obstacles particularly that of self-doubt.

Hence, let your thought seeds of unshakable belief grow and prosper into your physical reality until your assumption is a proven fact made visible in this world of sense.



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