The Best Ever Solution for Overcoming Defeat.

Losing, Facing Failure, and experiencing disappointing outcomes sucks royal. I don’t care how much pep talk you can give yourself after being defeated it hurts if anything it can provide a big blow to your ego.

I’m sure we all heard, “It’s not winning that counts its how you play the game.” Well if you’re not playing an actual game and just experiencing life that at times can seem like a bit of a game then we’ve found our positive fix in this classic quote.Well almost.

The truth in the quote is how we conduct ourselves as we play which depending on how we behave can attract back to us a certain result and that makes ones conduct more valuable than actually winning. But we are talking about actually winning here right? We want to win it feels good makes us feel alive and victoriously accomplished but when we lose well we are confronted with ourselves and conduct more than ever.

That leads us to evaluation after a defeat where we ask ourselves, “what went wrong?” We either cling to excuses, blame those who seem to be the victor or drift into self-loathing. The feelings of defeat basically cause hurt because our thought process has completely engrossed in our inner egos at that point. What we believe about ourselves takes center stage all the while failure stares directly into our faces. So what do we do now after we defeat? A better question to ask is, Do you feel defeated?

The best solution for overcoming defeat can be summed up in one word, perception. Our perception shapes our reality in this world and how we come to understand the world around that, in turn, determines how we interact with our environment and the people in it. Hence, when it comes to experiencing any form of defeat we are confronted very closely with our perception, beliefs or feelings about failure. Experiencing failure can either transform into a lesson or end up being the stumbling block that keeps us from believing in our own success.

Of course, we have been defeated and now we are left in the shadows perhaps even left out in the cold, shunned, past up, or pushed aside. There is no easy way to put it experiencing failure can be heartbreaking but it can either make us or break us the choice remains ours. What path shall we choose?

We can wallow in the past defeat playing the role of a loser with all the feelings of being one too or we can choose to continue trying with determination believing and feeling that we are a winner even if present facts deny it and that with great assumption already achieved our goal.

Furthermore, we can choose then with our perception to believe in ourselves and continue on being co-creators living and learning even if that gateway to success includes experiencing failure and defeat.

There is a quote by, Henry Ford, creator of the first automobile that states, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” 

Henry Ford’s quote is meaningful because of the perception of failure described as a lesson that exists within his words. The chastisement of failure can lead to successful results if we don’t give up in trying. Henry Ford did not give up his pursuit to create a moving vehicle and his efforts allowed for the technological innovations of the automobile that are so beloved by so many today.

Henry Ford isn’t the only innovative mind to grace this planet offering his giftings in providing beneficial enhancement to the world. He joins so many other crafty souls that refused and are refusing to not give up after experiencing failure and those names we always remember.

Sometimes after experiencing defeat, we are often left with asking ourselves, “What now?” The key word in that phrase is now. Now is the time to start again to try again. It is in the now of time where we choose to either dwell on the past defeat which is a moment that is gone or we live in the now being present with it and creating from it. That in allowing ourselves to be present, a future that is not yet written is written by our present thought forms and feelings.



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