Understanding The Leaf of Life

Every moment is a time of reflection. Seasons pass without you and my soul cries. Wanting more than ever to be together again. You exist now in my mind’s eye. Your presence appears to me in the realm of imagination guiding me on my way. My hope is someday we will be united in love again to places unknown to me now.

Your voice and teachings exist in my memories now they linger there when I need advice. Thankfully, you lovingly gave me all the tools to be a success and for that, I am comforted daily.

Every day I try to live the best way I know how thinking of you always. You are apart of me as I am apart of you connected by a pure substance.

Lost time does not exist between us you’ve transcended time itself and so there is no time and now we stand together as one.

Fear has passed and love abounds and a new day dawns for us both. We shall wax and wane gently together. For one day I too will take my last breath and journey away from this beloved physical capsule to enter into the abyss of spiritual transcendence.And so, until my casting call appears I shall live here in this dimension for you and for us, giving, learning, growing and loving. For you are that eternal spark and an enduring existence never forgotten.


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