Happy Room

Stars aren’t us if we see a ferry like an ark taking us away from our dreams.

Even in the midst of casual despair, our beautiful forms came in like a roaring lion cautiously secure and gentle like a dove.

All of a sudden we came to realize that fate is not spoken in the area of doubt.

Belief calls us into our inner room wanting us to see more.Eventually, silence envelops our souls.

We wait…

When all is dark the light peeks in shining hope on our situation.

The moonlight descended upon us until we saw each other standing bare and cold.

Night fell upon us like a curse and we went within for solitude gaining hope in the marketplace of pain.

All courses taught our relief but it is only when we saw each other that night became day and darkness transformed into light.

In all our happiness Love is our cure, our hearts untied and became our sweetest remedy.


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