Offline Love

Weary souls are a living testimony of the endless means of recuperation from Love loss.

If only we could re-bound from destruction as quickly as it comes on.

Destiny is in our hands if we love as one and all for one.

Why then should we even think of such things as unity and peace? 

It’s easy to live life in a dream but it is even better to live out days here and now together in solidarity.

Yet, in the midst of our recovery doubters clammer about trying to be the best only to find that they lack vision and soul. In their vile competitive pursuits, they become vain and their intrigue is riddled with self-serving attributes as they continually desire to be first.

However, we can enter out of the Grimmy Sludge of oppression with belief as our foundation and hope as our anchor.

In the vast motif of life, one factor remains constant its a lovers drive to seek the truth and travel down destinies path.


2 thoughts on “Offline Love

    1. Thanks 😉 & Blessings to ya.


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