Death And Silence


Death is the rude awakening of a more cynical approach to folly or is it? What if the tides of spiritual movement was that of an orchestrated kind and not of one rooted in sin? Without cause, we travel the bands of life’s luxuries searching for a cure when it is always within that space of containment that is vibrant pure, and everlasting.

Into the shadows of regret, we simmer in the firmament only to arise in the daylight much more than we could ever imagine for ourselves. Skies can’t hold us back from our destiny pure souls bound for the eternal celestial state. Thrusting forth like stars glistening in the moonlight we long to cherish our hours like the moon.

Vault Phases glide us forward to a barren land of the purge. We enter into the silent hour when everything around us falls into the pattern we prefer. Waiting we grow weary our souls cry for relief until that day we are physically set free and our journey becomes our testament.

Come back and live with me our past shouts. Come dwell on my fantasy the future cries. Yet, the Now of time waits patiently for us to become presently calm, peaceful, and creative.

Enters stage left: The Darkside of the Moon

In our own crafted misery, we cast forth our darker side in life only to confront it again in the woods of our soul. In the mud of our rejection acceptance shouts for our equality. In the waters, our throbbing hearts ache for harmony and balance.

Yet, even in our self-motivated retreat, we lay bare within the depths of enlightenment. That’s when the light summons us to kindness and we blissfully unite our being to everything that makes us one and we productively thrive in purity.


Social Repellent

Why can’t you see me? Because I can’t and don’t want to. 

Thrusting forth in the dark we calm our thoughts to retreat to places unknown to each other…

Sullen Bridges and Soul Ties

Our lives take upon itself another meaning and we continue on our paths as one eternally united yet separate and apart. Uniqueness takes hold of our being and we are set free.

Now, let us go into the silence together…

2 thoughts on “Death And Silence

  1. This a very introspective and thoughtful. The writing is sort of a prose-poem mix that reminds me of the language of 19th century stories. While not common these days it definitely words with the subject matter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lovely ty.Thanks also for taking the time to read & comment. Many Blessings to you.


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