Location Location Location

Where do you live psychologically

In Poverty of Lack?

In Riches of Abundance?

In Weakness of Bad Health?

In Strength of Divine Vigilance?

Our bodies the temples of our soul’s wonders…

Location, Location, Location

States upon States upon States

So Where do you want to live?

If you don’t like where you live physiologically, Relocate

Act I: The Logic & Creative War

Opening Scene in the Mind’s Eye

Logic Why move from this state of being?

Creative-Living out our imaginative experiences now allows us to manifest our desired reality.

Logic-How? We see Nothing?

Creative- We can Feel our way to the top of a wish now and let your heart sing with gladness. Then that which is unseen will become seen and harden into fact.

Logic- Madness! Such Childs Play is imagination that it seeks to fabricate a setting that’ll simply lead to our disappointment.

Creative- Listen and Learn then. Remember signs follow they do not proceed. On the wings of faith, we will sore above all obstacles and shall settle down with a firm footing of belief and live out our wish fulfilled. You’ll see.


Stage Left: Logic slowly reseeds into darkness…






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