Thrillville Stream


I am the only one here now and I’m still smiling.

Left in the Cold and yet I’m warm inside.

Heartfelt fire burns in my soul-scorching my agony of rejection.

If ever there was a muse it would be that of my gravitation towards pain.

Trill Story 

Breakthrough Beats…The Rise of altered state of consciousness

It wasn’t long before winter became spring and my desires were realized.


D-Why Do you make me cry? 

L-Because I like to see you in pain.


L-Because seeing you in pain makes me feel better somehow. I want to hurt you because I despise you. 

D-How can you be so cruel?

L-How can you be so gullible? Think logically. I’m just playing a game.  


T-Why do you make me smile?

F-Because I love to see you happy.


T-Because seeing you happy makes me happy. I want to make you happy because I adore you. 

F-How can you be so kind?

T-How can you be so beautiful? Think heartfully. I’m here for you always.

 Remember Me, Silly…


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