Listen & Observe

It wasn’t long before Winter came knocking at her door.

Yet, Bella answered the door without hesitation ready in confidence to embrace the bruetly cold air of Winter.

As soon as the door was opened a fast stream of relentless wind brisked its fierce temperatures upon her skin. Looking out she saw that the light of the Sun was hidden, all she saw was darkness.

Despite Winter’s waethery roar Bella became ablaze with determination to survive the enconter as the cold air enveloped her body eliminating every ounce of warmth she might employ.

In silenece she closed her eyes. Tears streamed down her icy cold cheeks. She could barely utter a word but managed enough strengh to say just a few. Whispering quietly to herself she said faintly, Winter blows in my blues but it’ll all be worth it…

At that moment she was utterly alone but the warmth she now possed was ignited inside her soul keeping her comfortably content.

Standing firm yet, visably weakened She heard nothing but the fierce cold winds of Winter until…It stopped suddenly.


Hearing Winters rage suddenly stop, she slowly opened her eyes.

Gazing out from the open door a cool gentle breeze quickly brazed across her being.

The light of the Sun returned shining brightly upon her.

With delight, She could smell the sweet alluring scent of flowers and lush green grass now.

Spring! She shouted with a smile. The memory of the cold air began to quickly fade from her memory as she cheerfully appreciated the change.

Admiring the beauty of the world through the open door she radiently proclaimed, Thank you, Winter, Now Spring is here to claim her glorious rebirth. 




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