In the Shadows We See More Illusions

It’s not every day that we come to conclusions. We see what we ought not to but can’t help but stare. At times I wish I could be like some people unaware and aloof. No doubt every person has their preferences set for this life. Yet, I suppose choose along with many others to be a rebel with a cause, What that cause is I have yet to know in its fullness but at its core consists of enabling humanity to strive and thrive towards a profitable, productive, healthy existence.

Encouragement is a very powerful force and one of humanities greatest gifts. When doubt settles in our soul and self-sabotage kicks in we have the ability to restore ourselves to glory. When we begin to realize the power we have within ourselves we can extraordinary possibilities. This magical divine power within that can energetically transform our reality according to our beliefs we will see a monumental change in our lives and that of others.

It’s not easy living life alone on an island to one’s self. What makes life so beautiful is begin able to enjoy it off a mountaintop we so often the enlightened escape to. In reality, there is no division escape the one we create in our minds.

We must know there is no superior, race, color, or bloodline. The only superior form we have is that of one human race. In all our varied tribes, nationalities, countries, societies, groups we maintain our unity in our diversity with entertaining and intriguing diligence.

To be all the same wouldn’t be a utopian mesh but a deluded illusion of humanity to perceive. Rather absent of our cultural differences we would leave the world void of its greatest substance, Imagination. We image our world into existence. We create form and maintain this planet with our own wonderful human imagination. In bliss as divine creatures, we create.  We see what it takes to be whole yet, we often rarely fight to maintain that balance. Together we can create and invent the most marlvelous world that in turn can aide humanity instead of viley contributing its distruction.

It is true that power often or can corrupt some lust for domination over others to reach a peak of their own insane pride. Yet in the shadows are the oppressed and warriors that are willing to take back the night so to speak on the injustice of a very few power hunger souls that feed on innocent and low vibrational energy of fear.

Tyranny is a foiled discovered set of ideologies formulated to react to Freedom. Rather it is a formidable plague that erodes societies and brings death to its people one policy at a time. We see it every day around the world the implementation of harmful acts against humanity. The blood and Goore of foolish desires ignite as wisdom creeps in shining its light on another way.

Darkness has its place its time we revel in it when it is suitable but to live there we must ask ourselves. Do we want to live in perpetual darkness? Do we want a land fit for our children’s children to grow, learn, and to love in? Hopefully, for humanities sake, that answer is yes. For some, that answer is yes for them and others but shouldn’t be for all and that is unfortunate. However, the days of selective prosperity is over once we realize and learn that we are all abundant in spirit and in truth.

The time is now to carry on and fight for truth, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all worldwide. We can’t afford to lose and the truth is we won’t. The heart of the courageous men and women globally are too determined to see the world reach its destruction. We want a better way and this generation is prepared to deliver. The time is now the unfolding has begun. Enjoy the Show.

via Branch

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