No Memory…


Pain Lost

Sainty– I have no memory of what was before I only know what is happening right now…

Heart- Good. May goodness and mercy follow us all of our days. Atlas, our redemetion arrives. Lets rejoice then together now with Power & Love.

The Heavenly Choir Begins To Joyfully Sing…

The barren wasteland recends and gives birth to re-growth.

A new beginning is born.

NOW rebirth vibrantly forms out of the darkness through the gateway of TRUTH.

Yes, we see a world now renewed. Let us Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

Thanks Be To The Lord of Spirits who has the power to bring forth life…


Justice Reels

It wasn’t long before darkness was driven out by a bright beam of life returning to recapture the grave and its glory.

Now we see the reality of ALL and the dilverence of the OPPRESSED.

May we continue as one diverse yet, UNITED group of souls letting our vibrant ray of life shine for all the world to see.

You don’t know me…Well, now you do.

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