Unrequited Love


My heart aches too much for you…Why can’t we be lovers?

My soul shouts for you, Come back! Come Back!

Who would you rather be with?

What can I do for you to want me?

Where are you going now?

When will you return my affection? 

How can we be together now?


In the cold dry silence, I hear my own voice traveling in the wind locked in remorse.

Your heart is so solid and icy while mine remains soft and warm. How Unequal are we?

Your cruelty is too much for me now, I must forgive and retreat.

Your solemn silence of rejection resonates in my being whispering to me, I must move on.

I wish it could have been different between us. Yet, the reality remains speaking to our story that our foundation was too weak and our bitter course too broken to fix.

So as the sun shines and moon wanes we shall travel down our own paths now as we prefer to be. A future without me.

Pain heals through the TEARS…

Who would you rather be with? I will rather be with My-self or someone better, someone for my highest good.



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