A Broken Vessel Restored:All Aboard

The night’s winds howled at the moonlight as a stream of dark foaming clouds thickened in the sky. The sea roared creating large bountiful waves that tharsted harshly against the once steady vessel about.

As the night riegned on the vessels levitation came at  odds with the brutal rain that descended down upon the empty vessels warn decks.

It seemed nothing could stop the furious brewing storm lashing out against the vessel trapped now in the middle of the deep dark sea. Alone and forgotten the weak vessel rocked in its captivity. The mighty winds fiercely blew upon the vessel repeatedly refusing to relent. Gradually, each area of the vessel began to squeak out loudly as if languishing in deep agony.

As the winds blew increasingly the waters escalated even higher almost appearing to approach as steep wave to devour the vessel completely. Yet, despite the clamor of the storm, the vessel eminated a loud cracking noise from amoungst its frame as if it was crying out for mercy.

Suddenly, in almost an instant the winds calmed, the rain stopped, and the waters calmed. Soon after the vessel remained still rocking no more in the middle of the dark deep sea. Gradually, the vessel began to smoothly drip to safety towards a waiting shore. Its bow rested peacefully on a sandy shore as if nothing terrible had occurred to it.

To this day this vessel can be seen docked strong and as beautiful as ever. Many people who come to gaze upon the vessel are shockingly amazed at how the vessel survived such a tortuous relentless storm against it in the first place. Now it seems the very existence of the vessel begs the observer to ask, what was it that calmed the storm so quickly? Why was this vessel not devoured when the odds of survival were stacked so highly against it? How was this vessel not swallowed up by the sea?

Almost always people who reflect in astonishment at the vessel look up, around, and back at the vessel again. The vessel now has become an enduring marvelous symbol of a divine miracle. As the vessel rests in comfort it continuously gives glory to something far greater than itself and far more Omnipresent and Omnipotent than anyone can possibly ever imagine.

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