The Beauty of Steadfast Love

When you love with all your heart what does that mean to you?

The rose gathers in the morning until winter comes and brisks it away waiting to reborn into another season. How lovely is love’s pressance when it returns.

Time waits for no one and listens to the impressions of our hearts.

Now that love remains even through the currents of hate there is no other better course to take. For hate travels into the brittle hands of ruin while love remains victorious and graciously steadfast.

Nothing will prevail against love. For Love is such a powerful protective force that it courageously transcends injustice and valiantly unfolds the wealth of its enduring compassion forever.

Love, therefore, is even ten times stronger against adversity. For its grace, light, and might carries us through the darkest of days.

In the end Love casts out all fear and every form of wickedness. For hate that has no domain over Love.

Spiritual Garden

May LOVE, PEACE, and JOY be in you all of your days and into the eternity all you redeemed sons and daughters of the most high YAH!

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