Dreamer of Dreams

The sun arose in the cold dark room, slowly filling the room with light. As the light pierced the darkness a strong rushing wind entered the room and settled quietly into the empty space.

Gradually, the once darkroom was enveloped with so much light no darkness could be found upon it. Nothing stood before the light but the Remanence of subtle dark shadows appearing against the floor and the walls.

O’ how beautiful was the bright radiant light that shined into that once cold dark room.

Now that eve and winter hugs are gone I wonder where the spark is now.

I slowly drift off into rest.

Silent Sleep awakens a new realm of reality. For a moment I appear here and not here all at the same time… How Lovely.

Those deep blue eyes stare into my soul and creep into my dreams. I don’t know what to think of it…Am I dreaming?

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