Our Play of Greetings: Hello, How Are You?

Meeting strangers during our daily interactions outside the digital realm can be at times an awkward dance and some people enjoy ‘breaking the ice’ with a simple greeting phrase of ‘Hi, How are you?’ But how of us are honestly expecting an answer to this question?

At times we may be in rush moving about with our daily lives. And often without thought, we can utter cordial greetings to potential strangers throughout our daily activities. At times it may seem so routine that actually we can be shocked to get an actual response to the question.

Come on admit it. Are you often really prepared for an answer to a greeting question posed to strangers? Or like so many of us simply expect to only hear an affirmative composed positive response along the lines of ‘good, fine. and perhaps an even extra ‘How are you?’ back.

In honor of the, “How are you?” cordial greeting practice a thoughtful scenario list was composed of the most colorful responses to the timeless greeting

Hello, How are you?

Bad. My butt hurts

Hello, How are you?

Terrible. My wife left me.

Hello, How are ya?


Hello, How are you?

Good! My husband finally got released from prison and wrote a loving contract that he will never ever kill me.

Hi, How are you?

I don’t understand

Hey there, How are you?


Hi, How are you?

Fantastic! I just lost my V card at 30! Can you believe it?


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