Night Time Blues To Day Time Love

Pain-A Cold heart isn’t the only thing missing in your soul…

Ever wonder where the darkness leads if you play in it?

WE fester here in the dark together until the day dawns and we both look like fools under the fading moonlight.

Agonoy-So much regret. How do we repay our sorrows back or redeem our persecution?

Comforter-It is in every eye to wonder about searching for a deliverer in the bottom of a bottle or some other fading crescent resource. Yet, while the muse plays on knowledgeable enlightenment calls to them in love.

Where art tho’? My beloved. Our creator speaks.

A souls retreat from its vile course distilled ready for a redemption tale suitable for ensuring all sorts of happy pursuits.

Love-Our night passes and hope shines quietly into our bosom of our dreams. How lovely is our course now beyond the pale horse.

Justice then forms within heart as wisdom takes the helm. How glorious!

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