Daily Advice: Ego vs. Self-Control


is the only requirement to destroy any relationship. So be the bigger person; skip the E and Let It Go.

Most people can hear what others are saying. The sound the tone or symbols through gestures. But how many of us are able to Listen?

Listening involves more than just hearing the frequency tones coming from someones mouth or watching sign language.

For it is in Listening that we seek to understand more than we are understood. The activity of listening is really a selfless act where we devote our full attention to the giver of communication.

By listening to the totality of what is being conveyed to us void of our internally chatter and reaction responses that enables us to truly gain the opportunity to understand what is being said.

Every single word matter and should matter and that’s where listening becomes are most valuable companion.

Becoming an Active Listener is no easy task but worth practicing to become better at.

Here are some helpful steps to take to become the Awesome Listeners we all can benefit from being. Speaker-Listener Technique [www.prepinc.com]

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