No Pain No Gain

If you were with me that night…I never would have…or would I?

Justice is like the root of the tree that makes everything in its time beautiful.

Photo by Anthony Garand 

Where the Wind Blows

Where the wind blows that’s were you will find me…

For it is in those secret places that I find my reward.

Where the wind blows that’s were you will find me…

Dancing in the wind majestically smiling with joyful glee that you can’t find me.

Where the wind blows that’s were you will find me…

Praying by the moonlight for our love and light to shine again.

Taking my time I wonder why I must keep pace with what is lawful? Yet, it is in those hours I mask my sorrows in the whims of delight and find freedom from the pain. Paper Piles.

Can they lead me to the truth?

The Thrashing Floor to Freedom

You thrust me to the floor and I couldn’t remember my name. In the darkness I felt weak and wept. You left me there bleeding and sore. Your words lingered in my mind. Until I remembered my worth. I stood up in the darkness against you and spoke my truth regardless of your assaults.

In the moments of our battles all seemed lost and I appeared defeated, But in reality the victory had already been won. Now the tables turn and justice is served. Your Turn.

How Can We Be Free From The Pain? FEEL IT.

Close your eyes.

Breathe Slowly. Inhale 4x and Exhale. Breathe. Breathe.

Accept the Pain Ache in thoughtlessness about it.

Stop applying a narrative or story to the ache you feel that commonly occurs in our chest area. Detach all thoughts or experiences connected to your emotional feelings at this time.

Think of the pain no different than any other ache in your body with No storytelling or plot-lines. Now, Breathe.

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