In Just A Little While It All Will Come Together

In just a little while it all will come together for you, us, and them.

In just a little while what you have hoped for will come…

In just a little while you will see the results of your planted seeds and see the reward of those awful tares sprouting in your flourishing field.

For love is like a deeply root tree that makes all souls rejoice in goodness, mercy, and beautiful loving-kindness. Its branches stretch out far and wide collectively gathering in splendor.

True to its like kind the fruit of this amazingly firm rooted tree is deliciously sweet and bears an enduring fragrance of honey dew.

Each plump ripe fruit is visible and can be seen clearly as multiplied with each regenerating seed nestled in comfort inside its reign.

Oh, how lovely is our rightful place, as the head and not the tail.

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