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It’s been an interesting decade in film. Each movie resembling the other where art may have become the victim of a massively controlled theme of repetition. Too bad.

Hopefully, authentic creativity can revive itself again in film.The thought of artistic expression without the fundamental design as masked programming seems intriguing.

Perhaps there is a glimmer of hope away from the multiple and recycled celebrity brands and cooperate agendas. Perhaps there is still a place for true artistic expression that goes against the norms of the typical.

As you can see the concept of going to the movies is changing. More people are streaming now. The audience attention has shifted but the programming for our minds hasn’t.

We still are the consumer’s of art in some way, form, or fashion. What are we really consuming then and why? Now that is the deeper question. Yet, for now, it’ll be interesting how this tale of a slush of deteriorating entertainment historically will play out.

Hopefully, a day will come where there will be tons of beautifully artistically told stories from a diverse groups of people coming together to create wholesome pure pieces that will enrich the world.

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