Never Enough

I was never enough for you. You always wanted more until I had nothing left to give except my own soul for mutilation.

Why did I put myself through hell?

In in that slow steady midst of defeat a soft still voice whispered lovingly, It’ll all be over soon.

Suddenly in the breathe of time…

The night the winds blew gently sweeping up my weary feet.

Deep within the depths of my sorrowful soul a sweet presence of love consumed my internal being to bliss.

Yes, that lovely Spirit of Yah kept me sane while quietly comforting my broken heart through all those painful dark nights.

Slowly, as the rain kept coming down I smiled at the dew. I finally felt I could get over you.

The Night fades away ushering in a morning joy.

Hope envelops my soul with the remembrance that I have overcome the journey from the wilderness of despair into the marvelous light.

I can see clearly more than ever before. Now I exist as a window cleaned.


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