The Sound of Liberty

What is the sound of Liberty?

It is sad yet true that liberty forgotten breeds the most vile insights imaginable upon the human soul.

What then shall we make of the dueling process of defeat and Resurrection of victory in our souls.

Well then we have come to a precipice of peace, or equally so a cross-roads in our thinking where our perceptions run amok and we contend with the truth at times to a fault.

In society we don’t see clearly our own faults only the fault of others. We must base our human condition on some faulty program or can we say with all truth that we have tainted our own souls with lies upon lies in the bedroom of our greatest deception, pride.

What then shall generations say of us? Shall they say we choked the life out of every human soul until they wept in pain becuase we wanted to serve our own passions or can we tell another story.

Our story can be that of victory to sustain our own path that is towards establishing a world filled with truth, love, and hope.

Yes, we are equipped to weather this most dangerous storm of evil with one united term, Liberty. For being Spiritually Free and Physically free is life itself that propels us on the wings of victory towards a most glorious end.

And what is Evil anyway?

Evil is that personification of every vile act that makes your soul weep and your heart like stone. Evil leaves you in a cold, dark, empty place with nothing left but your abominable actions to torture you.

Just think of all the pain and suffering in this place we call, World and you will find evil close by as the prideful Arthur of all our human woes.

What then shall we do? Shall we just stand by and watch evil to showcase its folly? No, let it not be so.

We can create something new and beautiful together. We can create beauty that overshadows all the ugliness evil poised. We can finally put our trust in a power much greater than we are. G-O-D or as some may say The I am that I am. YAH.

The great Spirit of Liberty and of grace proclaims a call to freedom for all. Indeed, the table of truth where our seeds plant beautiful vineyards and we bare fruit to his glory and advance a glorious kingdom in Love.

Some may choose not to believe or accept a call to safety but that is our free will which in of itself is a gift. Yet, one enduring truth remains despite our doubts, evil is real. Hence, if evil and wickedness is real so is the existence of what is Good and Holy.

Yes, indeed it is up to us to choose. What shall we choose destruction or construction? The choice is ours.

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