Removing Stubborn Stains Takes Work

How Long?

Well, How Long is Long?


If only we could see each other through the lens of ourselves.

Its supper time is anyone ready to eat?

Father Please Help!

No one is better than the other says the wise man that is eating of the fruit of his labor.

If You Wonder...
If you take a small part of your soul and ever wonder about me think about how much love grows in a park filled with flowers. 

This is a Tale of Two Paths

This is a Tale of Two Paths

Which one will you take?

The roses are ready to bloom.

Hope Is Real

In the art of our substance there is an inner call to beauty that can not be contained without resistance.

A Promise Is A Promise

Promise– Noun. [Prom-is] express assurance on which expectation is to be established: ex. promises that an enemy will not win.

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