Terror By Day Terror By Night the Only Winning Hand is to Cancel the Error

The Terror that prowls in the darkness can’t be seen with the naked eye.

For it is in this nakedness of the eye we can also see ourselves too as we really are. As we peer into the mirror an image for some can reflect back to them their own moral decline. How shall we reconcile? Lets take our own acts into consideration.

In this age of dark shadows plans mount out against humanities submission yet, the mission is to take back what was stolen and to victoriously reverse the curse.

For goodness and love have a way of winning hearts anew. There is a restoration factor we ought to consider in our quest to refine our world. For we must remember our Golden Opportunity to thrive and grow. To Win the day of adversity Unified In Love.

At best we can rejoice in what seemingly appears as small acts of kindness to collectively in its abundance transform our world for the better even when the worst of all conditions presents itself against our progress.

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